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  Grand Reopening comming of the Playstation2 AU comming soon. We are looking for new and old stuff memers... Mail your applications to :

[email protected]

  Sony has announced new Portable version of the PS called PSP or Play Station Portable

PlayStation Portable info

  Want to make / play BACKUPs of your PS2 games? What you need is a Mod-Chip or the FlipTop PS case and backup tools

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R4 DS Card cartridge copier. R4 3DS Card Nintendo 3D compatible. R4 3DS Cards AceKard SuperCard EZflash. Original R4 Nintendo Card and the new Gold SDHC R4 in stock at the R4 For DSi XL use R4i Card.


Nintendo DS Roms NDS Emulator.

At this time only the official Nintendo licensed game developers have Nintendo DS dev kits that include NDS emulator and software for compiling Nintendo DS roms. As we have seen with Gameboy Advance - it is only a matter of time - and NDS emu will be released to public. First GBA emulators appeared even before the release of the GB Advance hardware! Good news are that you will be able to use GBA Flash Cards to play Gameboy Advance ROMs on NintendoDS. No mod chips will be needed for the new Dual-Screen as it will be region free! NES ROMs Emulators should work on DS from the GBA cartridge slot. Again - you will need a Flash Advance Linker and GBA Flash Card for running any kind of emulators on NDS.

dsi flash cards

Nintendo DS & GBA X-ROMS development Tools. GBA X-ROM USB Linker and Xrom Flash Card for playing GBA Roms on GB Advance and Nintendo DS hardware. The perfect tool for testing demo roms and also previewing commercial gb game roms without a need to purchase the game cartridge. [PC USB to xrom Nintendo Link port Connection for wrting roms]


Nintendo DS Emulator.

Nintendo DS Roms NDS Emulator - PS2AU

Before we can talk about NDS emu we have to see the first DS Games released. And emulator is nothing without Nintendo DS roms to play on it. So there has to be a backup device for the new rom files. You will be able to play emulated old NES, SNES, GB, GBC and Super Nintendo Roms .

What will be the acronym for Nintendo DS File extension. - NintendoDS games -> DS roms and dot-nds files [*.ds] but this extension has already been reserved by DS = chemistry Software DS = TWAIN Data Source ( = DLL). That doesn't mean that it can't be used but
- NintendoDS games -> NDS roms and [*.nds] file extension - this extension is practically unused. The only place a NDS file can be found is as GBXemu Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Saved Game file format. - 70% that provability that this is what will be used by rom release group and emulator programmers and consequently it will be the term you will have to use when searching for Nintendo DS roms downloads.

New mini Gameboy Micro is another challenger for Sony PSP. It plays the same Advance / SP games as all other game boys on the market, but is the smallest amongst them and features customizable faceplates / skins.


Nintendo DS is backward compatible with GBA Cartridges but not with Game Boy and GBC games. In order to play GBC roms you will have to put them in emulator on a gba flash card. More about GBA Flash Cards <- here. For latest news about NDS games NDS roms and NDS emulators go to

Upcoming DS roms list. Atari, Inc. Atari Classics Altus USA Caduceus Snow board Kids DS Plus three additional titles in development Meteos Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Plus ds rom download . Mega Man Battle Network DS rom Viewtiful Joe Plus one additional title in development Electronic Arts 007 GoldenEye Nintendo DS rom Madden NFL Need For Speed Underground. Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf The URBZ: Sims in the City. Bomberman Koei Co. Dynasty Warriors Plus two additional titles in development Digital Entertainment Boktai Castlevania Dragon Booster Frogger.

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